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Our Support and maintenance experts will make sure to keep your systems assets running efficiently for smooth operations. Our services helps create secure environments to protect your data and limit the risks of any security breach. We provide different Services maintenance and support types depending on your desire.

Importance of Maintenance and Support For Businesses

Contract Maintenance and Support

We provide a vast sector of services, granting solutions to businesses and organizations at any level. We provide contract base maintenance and support solutions at all stages to clients in contract with us.


Application Maintenance and Support

Your business depends on applications to perform daily tasks and operations. Without proper maintenance, these applications can become obsolete. We will provide application maintenance and support service to help prevent this by providing necessary upgrades.


Database Maintenance and Support

Data is the most valuable asset of any business. A database maintenance and support service helps ensure your databases remain secure and perform optimally. Our maintenance and support team can create a disaster and backup recovery plan for your databases.


Network Maintenance and Support

Your network must always remain secure and reliable for your business to operate efficiently. Our IT maintenance and support team will monitor the performance of your network infrastructure, provide necessary updates, and configure security settings as needed.


Help Desk Services

Our help desk service provides technical support to customers or businesses when they need assistance with their devices or applications. The service is often an online platform where users can submit tickets or queries about an issue they face. The IT team then responds promptly with solutions.

We provide three primary stages for support solutions

DCA prioritizes IT support services focusing on providing solutions when things go wrong with businesses. You can contact our IT support team anytime with product inquiries. The support team will answer questions and guide you on how to use products correctly.


Stage one (S1) is the initial point of contact for customers, typically called a Service Desk. Here, our experts will prioritize customers issues and provide basic troubleshooting solutions. Our support team will use the available predefined procedures and documented solutions to resolve all customer underlying issues.


The second stage (S2) involves more in-depth troubleshooting, such as analyzing system log files and inspecting the underlying hardware architecture. Our Experts are also responsible for providing recommendations to customers on how to improve their systems and platforms for more efficient use.


The third stage (S3) is the system administration. This entails managing configuration changes, deploying hardware and software updates, and creating disaster recovery plans in case of a system failure or attack. Our experts are skilled and highly knowledgeable about the underlying platform and it’s components.

Benefits of Maintenance and Support Services With DCA

Bug Fixing

For your applications to run as expected, Our experts make sure they are free of bugs and glitches. Bugs are errors in the code that make an application behave erratically. Our IT maintenance and support team will fix bugs and other glitches so your applications remain stable. And due to their experts technical knowledge, they can quickly trace the source of a problem and fix it without extensive downtime.


Enhance Capability

The software market constantly evolves, and your IT systems must keep up with the changes. You must keep changing and updating your application’s features and functions to make them competitive. our IT maintenance and support team will help enhance your applications’ capability with upgrades and updates.


Performance Monitoring

Our IT maintenance and support specialists will continuously monitor the performance of your systems and platforms. The specialists can detect problems before they escalate into issues and take preventive measures to ensure optimal performance. The team can also perform system analysis to identify bottlenecks affecting their capabilities.


Technical Support

Experts in our maintenance and support team are trained professionals, so they provide technical assistance when needed. Don’t overlook the importance of qualified professionals who can quickly answer questions or solve problems.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction

We make sure our customers will be satisfied with our services, they can access any point of the system quickly and without disruptions. Our maintenance and support team provides fast solutions to prevent downtime, which is essential for customer satisfaction.


Protect Data

Cybersecurity threats have become pervasive, and businesses must take adequate measures to protect their confidential data. Our IT maintenance and support services can help create secure environments and prevent malicious hackers from accessing your systems.

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You cannot afford to have downtime in your platforms or IT systems. Therefore, you need a service provider who promptly responds to your requests and solves the issue. We are available to ensure an offer round-the-clock support and have a team to attend to your emergencies.

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