Learn And Grow As A Digital Consulting Agency Intern


At Digital Consulting Agency, our interns are a valuable and integral part of who we are. That’s because an internship at DCA is an opportunity to learn, grow and develop first-hand. Our goal is to give interns a diversified experience where they walk away with a deeper understanding of how different structures and teams work, as well as the tactical know-how to meaningfully contribute in areas like media relations, content development, public relations, accounting, information technology, complete Digital Marketing, business consulting, etc… Digital Consulting Agency now also offers a Work Contract internship.


Send resume and cover letter

Our interns are often career personnels, professional training students or recent graduates pursuing degrees in public relations, journalism, public affairs, digital marketing, digital/social media and sales, graphic design, I.T, communications or related fields.


Ready to join the team? Send your documents in pdf format to the e-mail below and make sure to present hardcopies at the the office department. Address your applications to the management while specifying the department you are interested in working at, noting the semester for which you are applying for.


Applying as a student;

You will need to submit copies of your Resume, Cover Letter, Recommendation Letter from HOD, Latest Study Certificate, and Identification proof.


Applying as a professional;

You will need to submit  copies of your Resume, Motivation Letter, Latest attestation of employment, Two (02) recommendation Letters from past employments, Latest Study Certificate, and Identification proof.


Applying E-mail:

All Application Deadlines

The deadline to apply for the fall session is July 15th, the spring session is November 15th, and the summer session is March 1st.

Year Round Opportunities

Our internship program runs through out three (03) Seasons and we accept applications on an ongoing basis.

Available for Course Credit

Internships are available for course credit and will last for about three (03) months, working part-time hours as programmed.

Driven to succeed as individuals and as a team

We are driven to succeed as individuals, and together, we are even stronger. We foster an environment of respect, encouragement, compassion and inclusion.


We provide each other with the support necessary to ensure that, as a team, we achieve our organizational goals.


We also believe that work and fun can and should live together, and that it helps to cultivate stronger relationships.