We are trusted advisors to our clients, partners and colleagues

As a private entity, we have the freedom to push boundaries and to exceed the expectations of our clients. So when we ask someone to join the DCA team, we make sure they not only have the necessary experience and education but the personal traits that will ensure they thrive here and become leaders and managers of tomorrow.

New Career Opportunities with Digital Consulting Agency


Digital Consulting Agency, One of the largest independent consulting, marketing, technology and certification training firm in Central Africa with offices in Yaounde, Germany, and Sweden, is continuing to grow in each of our core markets with industry-leading clients around the world.


We are specifically looking for candidates at the Senior Administrative, IT department, Marketing and Sales levels, preferably in one of our core markets but we are also open to remote candidates with the right combination of experience.


The ideal candidates will have agency experience or a strong track record of Communications, Development skills and marketing/Sales performance in corporate, as well as add strategic depth to our proven team to support our growth. You can define your future and realize your ambitions with DCA, based on your experience, performance and aspirations.


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Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At Digital Consulting Agency, we value trusted thought leaders, fearless innovators and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Our expertise is deep, but we are more than seasoned strategists. We are lifelong learners, dedicated to continuous growth and improvement.

Successful Together

Every DCA member is an entrepreneur. We are self-starters, driven to succeed as individuals. Together we are even stronger and we provide each other with support and encouragement necessary to achieve our goals.

Independent & Nimble

As a private entity, we have the freedom to push boundaries. And in this digital world, where change is just around the corner, we’re ready and able to react and adapt at any moment’s notice, that’s what makes our difference.

Compassionate & Fun

Digital Consulting Agency Members are good people, and we treat each other with kindness and respect. We also believe work and fun can and should live together, and that it helps to cultivate stronger relationships.

Imaginative & Inventive

We believe we are limited only by our imagination. We’re committed to offering our clients new ideas and inventive solutions that stare directly in the face of “business as usual.”

Creative Strategists

Our expertise is deep, but we are more than seasoned strategists. We’re lifelong students, constantly evolving to provide our clients with the latest insights and creative solutions.

Authentic & Trustworthy

We are open and honest, even when the conversation is difficult. We do not inflate or embellish, and we are trusted advisors to our colleagues and our clients.

Our Interns learn alongside our IT, Marketing/Sales and Business experts


Our interns are an integral part of our team, and provide significant added value to real client projects. Nearly one-third of our team’s career paths started as interns at Digital Consulting Agency and many have worked their way into leadership positions.


If you are an enthusiastic self-starter that learns quickly and takes the initiative to make a difference, we encourage you to consider interning with us. We are always looking for great talent that shares our passion for communications and client service.


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