Top 11 Advantages of Responsive Website Design To Generate More Sale

Responsive web design refers to a design that can adapt itself to the screen or platform where it is opened. Also known as mobile-friendly web design or mobile-optimized design, responsive designs are becoming popular as search engines like Google love them and they are friendly to all types of users, irrespective of the device or browser they are using.

11 Advantages of Responsive Web Design

1. Search Engines Love It

Recently, Google has made changes in its algorithm to rank mobile-optimized pages over unresponsive pages. That means Google and other search engines love mobile responsive pages because they provide a great user experience.

2. Helps Bring Mobile Traffic

According to a report, more than 60% of all online traffic generates from mobile devices. So, there is a good chance that you’re missing thousands of potential customers if your business website is not responsive.

3. SEO Friendly

Another great perk of having a mobile-optimized website over a separate mobile site is that it minimizes on-page SEO errors by maintaining a single URL for your site.

4. Best For M-Commerce

More than 70% of online consumers shop using their smartphones rather than desktop computers. This presents a wonderful opportunity for e-commerce businesses to grab more mobile customers by creating a mobile-responsive web design.

5. Easy To Manage

Having a single, responsive version of your site is much easier to manage than having two different versions – desktop and mobile. It is also more beneficial from the SEO perspective and avoids confusion among the visitors.

6. High Social Media Referrals

As more than 55% of users browse social media through smartphones devices, your social marketing strategy can produce far better returns if your site is mobile-responsive, as potential users can directly open social links to visit your site on mobile devices.

7. Better User Experience

One of the reasons why Google prefers (and ranks well) mobile responsive design is that it is capable of offering a great and seamless experience to the users across all devices and screen sizes.

8. Low Cost

One of the obvious benefits of having a single, web design service in India is that the cost and time required for creating and managing such a site would be much lower as compared to separate mobile and desktop websites.

9. Increased Conversion

One of the proven advantages of responsive web design is higher ROI and conversion rate, which also leads to a lower bounce rate. This is because responsive designs are known to be more user-friendly and offer a better user experience along with great readability and browsing experience.

10. Future-Ready

No matter what new technologies or designs or devices are introduced in the future, one thing you can be sure of is that your responsive website will continue to look amazing across all the present and future devices include smartwatches and glasses.

11. No One Wanna Wait

In the fast phase of life where everyone wants work done in one click. There’s no one who has time to wait for even a few seconds. In a matter of few seconds people switch to some other websites in case your website takes time to open. This is why you need to constantly check the website speed. No matter how your all pages work efficiently but if your landing page does not open instantly no one would stake to that website. This is why it is important to recheck the website time by time to find the drawbacks and then work on it to eliminate errors.


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